i Did Really GOOD…

Never thought I would say this but this was actually such and awesome event, even beeing with GT3s on the line.

Really like the concept Carl Fredrik had made for this event for getting more scandinavians to race eachother by running this, so thanks to Carl Fredrik for that, really appreciate your work into this!

Really pitty that we didn’t fill up all the 60 gates here for racing against 59 others would have been really cool and quite interesting when it comes to the 2nd heat.

Really hope this could be something anual, but with variation of tracks and other popular cars like mx5, skip barber, Star Mazda, Spec racer ford or GT3 again to spice things up a bit.

my race started quite ok with an 18th start on the grid, which I thought was an ok startgate at first, but eventually made myself up to 8th after people were crashing up front. Did realize during the last section of the race that I didn’t have enough fuel so I just had to stay behind Hans Gunnar in the last couple of laps just to save the fuel without realizing he had the same problem. Manage to finish in 7th without fuel. 2nd heat was as I expected, carnage and cars everywhere in the first lap and I felt kinda lucky to not get into most of them since 2/3 of them happend right in front of me. But I also saw more of the stupid and unpatient racing from other drivers too including crazy divebombs and people getting back again right infront of other drivers right after they have spon. So it was more of a dodging other people than really passing. Had the same problem as in the first heat when it came to fuel, but had 0.6l left when I crossed the finishline even with 10 liters more than last heat.

So I’m really surprised with getting 5th overall since I know that there were plenty of people out there faster than me.

Great addition to have Racespot covering the event. They allways have great content and I think Will and Rachel did a good job at trying to pronounce our name correctly

Really hope to see you all next time, and thanks for the racing!

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