King of Vikings 2014, December 4th !!


A first ever cooperation between, and is an attempt

to crown the best scandinavian sim racer of 2014!



RaceSpot TV will broadcast the event live, and the event will also be archived on Youtube.


King of Vikings will be an event with the following format:
First heat, 30 minutes. Gridding according to qualifying times.
Second heat, 30 minutes. Reversed grid from finishing order of first heat.

This means that the winner of the first heat will potentially start in 60th position, given a full grid, and have quite a job of advancing through the field. It is unlikely that both heats will be won by the same driver. To spice things up, there will be prizes for various achievements:
Overall winner: 25$ credit + a challenge cup (“vandrepokal”, this will be held by the winner until next year’s competition*)
Each heat winner: 25$ (may also be claimed by the overall winner)
Each country’s overall best, excluding the overall winner: 10$
Pole position in the first heat: 5$
Best climber in the first heat: 5$

This gives a total value of 115$ + the challenge cup, all this without entry fee!

The format will most likely lead to one of the best drivers winning, but it will at least give other drivers an outside chance of both a heat win and actually the overall win. Given the reversed grid, there will be many passes/attempts of passes in the second heat – make sure to treat each other with the respect expected from scandinavian drivers. Generally, the impression is that scandinavians behave themselves better on track than the average iRacer, let’s keep that up!

The calculations of the overall standings is quite simple: Add the drivers’ finishing positions, and order by lowest first. And then we complicate just a bit by giving one bonus point (subtracted, that is) for each of the following: Pole position in heat one, winning a heat, fastest valid lap in a heat, lowest incident count overall (while completing all laps in both heats) – this last bonus might apply to several drivers, if more than one share the lowest incident count. In case of a point draw, the position from the first race will decide.

GT3 seems to be the popular class for the moment, and cars from this class have also been used in national leagues. Thus, this is what we choose for this event as well. Spa-Francorchamps is chosen because it is an awesome track, and because is has 60 pit stalls. So, the more, the merrier! To balance a bit between the countries, there will initially be a max limit of 18 drivers from each country. In case there are still free pit stalls when the date of the competition is getting closer, we will allow countries to exceed the limit. While an even grid between Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland would be preferable, it is still better with a full grid. Also, given Iceland’s low number of active drivers, it is expected that they will have a smaller group of participant than the other countries. Anyhow, in addition to crowning the king, this competition will let each country battle it out as well! Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

A note regarding the weather: Qualification plus first heat will be with default weather, while the second heat will be a surprise that is not announced until the session is up!

Unless there are strong arguments against it, driving aids will be allowed. There will be no incident limit, thus no disqualification for gathering too many incident points. It is still expected that the drivers do their best to maintain high driving standards!

While there is no entry fee, you will need to own (or buy) Spa-Francorchamps and any one of the GT3 cars (BMW, RUF Track, McLaren or Ford GT GT3).

If anyone have interest in broadcasting the event, please let us know!

So, sign-ups are now open! First come, first serve. Sign up by posting in this thread, or by sending me a private message.

This will be an awesome event!

Thanks to those of you that contribute to this event, by participating and/or helping organizing it!

*Regarding the challenge cup/vandrepokal: As is often tradition with these, if you manage to win it three times in a row, you will own it, and a new trophy will be produced for the next year.


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    Og det blev et fantastisk løb,- tak til kaptajn Carl :)

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