WorldCup SpinOff

Will have to come back to this when I have more time. For now, notice that there will be an endurance test race December 13th (EDIT: Moved to 2015! Date yet to be announced), with the intention of tuning rules for this event:

We are encouraged to field four teams of four drivers each, in HPD, Corvette, Radical and Ford GT (the old one). The HPD will multiclass with Corvette, the Radical will multiclass with the Ford. Each pair will snake split into two splits, giving a total of four simultaneous races.

In the spirit of the World Cup, drivers of all skill ranges are wanted! HPD is open for the highest rated drivers, the other cars have limits regarding max rating and average rating.

During 2015 there will be additional spin-off events as well, while the World Cup itself will feature a shorter format.


For the test race, there will be iRating limits regarding each team member’s maximum, and the maximum averate rating a team can have:

HPD – unlimited
Radical – 2700 average,, 3200 maximum
Corvette – 2200 average, 2700 maximum
Ford GT – 1600 average, 2100 maximum

Possible team configurations, each team should have three or four drivers:

Marco Mogren
Hans Gunnar Hansen (alternatively Radical?)


Robin Rosenvinge2 (or any other car?)

Ford GT:
Per Sejer
Tom Gregoriussen
Tor Anders Berven

Also, we have a “secret” option of entering even more cars, in case there is a lot of interest

EDIT: The test race has been moved to 2015, no date announced yet. No explanation either, but I suspect due to Christmas and perhaps lack of interest from several clubs. Probably this will affect the actual race as well, that was originally scheduled for January 24th. That race most likely would have been moved in any case, due to clash with Daytona 24h.

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