Team Superior Recruting now !!

Team Superior is a rather new team that currently only race Oval racing in Gen 6 Toyotas.

We started last year with entrance in European Stock Car Championship.
Results where ok but not more with a 7:th and a 13:th overall for the 2 drivers out of 40 drivers.
We are now looking for new drivers to the team to get higher in 2015 Team championship
as well as Drivers championship.
There is 3 spots open in the team to race in the ESCC,
but more drivers are welcome to join the team for “funraces.

Who are you then????

You are a driver who race clean and smart .
You are willing to help the team to grow.
We prefer that you drive the Toyota but it´s not a demand.
If you are a driver with some skills in making setups its a huge + .

If we feel you are the right person and have the interest to push the team forward but don´t have the Toyota,
we might be able to solve that issue.

We prefer Scandinavian drivers but all European drivers is welcome at the moment.
If things is going well we might expand the team to rest of the world drivers as well but not at the moment.

We practice on own hosted servers for minimum 1 hour
where we test and build/rebuild setups so they fit any driver.

Drivers must be available to run on Saturdays at the dates Championships are set.
(First race for points is at March 7 20:00 CET)

Mic is a requirement for communications that are kept on TeamSpeak

If this interests you or if you want more information,
PM Marcus Hagman or Dennis Scherp or look up Team Superior in team in iRacing.

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  1. Whith a new member to the team, we only have two spots left for joining us in the Championship.
    Members are still welcome to join the team for Funraces. :)


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