All hail the new King: Frederik Rasmussen

Just as the previous years, a new king was crowned during King of Vikings! Frederik Rasmussen of Denmark showed no mercy – pole position by solid margin, a strong win without a single wheel put wrong in heat 1, and to top it off, he came from 20th on the reversed grid to actually win the second heat as well! His red BMW was performing better than all other GT3s at Suzuka September 17th of 2016, but he was forced to make a spectacular pass on Karl Modig to clinch the title!

The formula for calculating position was rather basic: Add finishing positions from the two heats, lowest sum wins. In case of a tie, position in heat 2 decides.

Karl Modig had been second in heat 1, and in heat 2 moved quickly up the order to reach first place. When Frederik caught up, he was looking left and right to find a way past, and made an unexpected quick move to the inside coming out of Casino Triangle. They went side by side all the way into the Esses before Frederik was ahead (starting 1:08:45 in the video).

Karl then looked set for 2nd in the heat and overall, but Niklas Hjelm that had been 3rd in heat 1 wanted it differently. He launched a late attack and made it by on the penultimate lap. Karl then tried to fight back in the very last corners and was in the end just a tenth behind at the finish line!

4th overall was Henrik Lindoff after two solid heats. Victor Dravegard in 5th may have had a chance to beat him, but missed the start of heat 2 and had a high mountain to climb. Still, 5th overall! After these followed Carl E Jansson, Hans Gunnar Hansen, Erik A Nordby, Mattias Norling, and Joel Voxberg completed the top 10.

Lots of prizes were handed out:

Overall winner 50$ and 500NOK gift card from Drammen Racingsenter: Frederik Rasmussen
Best Swede 15$: Niklas Hjelm
Best Norwegian 15$: Hans Gunnar Hansen
Pole position 10$: Frederik Rasmussen
Best climber heat 1, 10$: Carl E Jansson
Best climber heat 2, 10$: Frederik Rasmussen
Lowest inc count 10$: Frederik Rasmussen
Random draw 30$: Mattias Norling

Thanks to all that participated and made it a great event!