Club Scandinavia League Autumn 2016

GT3, Spa

With iRacing’s autumn season just around the corner, it is also time for Club Scandinavia League to announce the upcoming league season. After having enjoyed the Formula Renault for a casual summer series, we now turn serious again and return to our trusty GT3 class. This time, the options are Audi, BMW, Ford, McLaren and Mercedes!

Participation is as usual free of charge, and there are also prizes to be won. Either through being fast, or through being lucky!

While the points generally are straight forward, with 6 single races, there is another element to be aware of: You get a small bonus at the end of the season if you have been faithful to your favourite brand! Stick with one car and earn points.

Race lengths will be 50 minutes for all races, and with a fuel tank limit leading to forced pit stops. We expect an awesome season, and notice we have added a new track in the mix: The legendary Le Mans!

The schedule has been set trying to both create a good selection of tracks, as well as accomodating other club happenings during the autumn. We first let King of Vikings steal the thunder on September 17th, and start the first league practice two days later. The first league race will then be September 26th. Later, in October/November, there may be a certain synergy with the iRacing World Cup tracks as well.

Details and discussion in the iRacing forum thread