2016 Autumn Season Review

Club Scandinavia League had a brief pause from GT3, running an informal “Formula Summer League” with the Formula Renault 2.0. However, for the autumn, the trusted GT3 class was back. This time with an incentive to pick one car and stick with it: some bonus points available at the end of the season. Due to this, more drivers than usual stayed with one car, even at tracks where their car of choice was perhaps not optimal. Thus, we saw battles between different strenghts and weaknesses throughout the entertaining season! In the end, there were five different race winners, with only one driver eventually managing two wins. And, curiously, the champion secured his title even without a single win!

After many strong seasons in our now two year old league, Sweden’s Victor Dravegard was finally crowned champion! He was always up there fighting near the top, picking up good points every race. Midway through the season we could see that he was a challenger, and from the points lead he did exactly what he needed to do to finish ahead after the last races! The first five races saw five different winners, including Kim Salvesen, who also managed to win the sixth and last race. With that he climbed up to 2nd overall, just ahead of Erik A Nordby who looked like a podium finisher all season all. With just one more liter in his tank in the final race, he probably would have finished 2nd overall…


The points score for each race was as follows: 50-45-42-40-38-36-34-32-30-28-27-26-25 down to 1 point for 37th. Those sticking with only one car received 15 bonus points, while those “cheating” once got 10 points. All races were 50 minutes long, with a 55% fuel tank capacity. That forced pit stops for all cars. Most opted to do the entire races on one set of tires.

A grand total of 54 drivers took part in at least one race. Spa saw an impressive 35 drivers line up, the other races had between 24 and 31 drivers each. Top 10 overall, with final column showing bonus points:


Tracks were selected partially due to what suits the cars and popularity, and partially to give some synergy with events like iRacing’s 24 hours of Mans and the iRacing World Cup. Race results (access requires iRacing membership):

Watkins Glen Classic Boot
Le Mans
Road Atlanta

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