Danish World Champion!

Frederik Rasmussen is currently valued as the fastest GT driver in the sim racing world, and took home the Blancpain GT title together with CoRe team mate Isaac Price in the 2017 iRacing season.


The highly successful season saw CoRe take pole position in all 6 races – every time with Danish youngster Frederik Rasmussen behind the wheel! The race duties was shared with Isaac Price, which shall not be underestimated, but it was really our Danish hero that showed the greatest pace. In the end, the duo won 4 of 6 races, had an additional podium and only once “failed” when they finished 11th. That was after technical issues early on, though, where they had to fight back from pretty much the end of the large field. In short, no team was close to Rasmussen/Price this season!

One might argue that choosing McLaren as their vehicle was the correct decision, while several of the assumed rivals chose other cars, but none of the other McLarens came close to CoRe regarding speed. Note also that all races had SOF over or just below 6000 – the most competitive series there is!

To further cement his status, a few days later Frederik Rasmussen went on to win the ADAC Porsche simrace held live at the Nürburgring. Here he won against many of the iRacing top dogs.