About iRacer Scandinavia

Wellcome to iRacerScandinavia.org

First, if you do not know what iRacing is, you may start by having a look at iRacing.com, or perhaps our About iRacing page. Or have a look at some of the videos linked to from our site.

iRacing divides the member base into smaller groups called clubs. These are intended to be logical geographic areas, and consist of either one or more states (USA only) or one or more countries. The idea is to have clubs of similar-ish sizes (some are quite a lot bigger than others, though), and with members that feel a certain connection between them. Now, why does this matter? Well, there are a few competitions between clubs, and each club may like to create their own little community within a community. This is where this website comes in: In iRacing, the countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland make up club Scandinavia.

The first few years, being a member of club Scandinavia didn’t mean much. There was a subforum on iracing.com, but with relatively little activity. Members found more engagement in the ordinary forum/subforums. Although, each nation had their own initiatives, and set up communities and leagues – what was missing, was something on club level.

Recently, there have been some improvements, that will hopefully continue! Club Scandinavia has started moving up the ranks in the most notable club competition, the World Cup. Still quite a long way up to the likes of Finland, DE-AT-CH and Brazil, though. Furthermore, the subforum is seeing more activity, an intended annual crowning of a Scandinavian champion, the King of Vikings, was started in 2014, Scandinavian leagues are being set up, a Teamspeak server is available to all Scandinavians, Scandinavian car skins are being made, videos are being created, this website is now up and running etc. One may also mention the movement to create a feeling of belonging together, and to help each other out. The intention is that it shall be seen as a true benefit to be a part of our club, and that, if you wish, you can take advantage of this. Both to improve your skills, get help figuring out the huge system that iRacing is, and to make friends along the way!

Notice also that there is a lot of talent in our club. There are a few amazingly fast drivers, some have been challenging quite near the top in the world championship series, others have dominated other official series, yet others have won famous events etc. Then there are also quite a few skilled “mechanics”, that know how to set up cars. You also find a group of artists, that are awesome at making car skins and various videos. There are huge amounts of Scandinavians with good insights into the iRacing world and simracing in general, and there are technically skilled members. Also, you may come to notice that Scandinavians are community leaders of various sub-communities within iRacing.

So, why not actively be a part of our club?? :)