Daytona rules…


So, the first race is over. Markus, Jacob and Niklas took the podium places, and had a great start to the season! We like to hear about how YOUR race was, so feel free to write a comment about it. Also, Tor Anders Berven has posted a highlights video!

Next race is at Daytona (at night, don’t forget that!), and will most likely be very different from the previous race. With the draft being important, there are good chances of keeping up with faster drivers, and also this race will be longer. More patience may be clever

A few rules for this race:
-To eliminate drafting from qualification, we will set this event to lone qualification – this means you drive as if you were alone, you cannot see anybody else. You have 10 minutes to complete a maximum of 4 timed laps.
-The apron (below the yellow line on the oval part) is intended only for when you are off pace. You are not meant to gain time or make passes by using the apron.
-Corner cutting: Again, no incident limit. But beware that this can be abused at the chicane. We trust that you respect the track limits (off tracks of course happen unintentionally sometimes!), and at least don’t cut intentionally to set up a pass. By cutting we mean getting a 1x – climbing on kerbs within this limit is perfectly fine!

First practice is on Monday, at 20:00, followed by a similar 2 hour session on Thursday.

Finally, notice that the official Daytona 24 hours driver swap race starts 5 days after our league race. Our suggestion is that people that don’t have a team yet, and wish to participate, start looking for team mates from the league. Perhaps we can field two teams from the league, where we match people’s skills, or one huge team where we share the driving (particularly at night!) more.