Update History iRSca.org

  • 14032015
    Fixed a bug where a new registrant could have a “no access” page.
  • Implemented simple Captcha for registration and Reset LogIn. (Too many new “bot” users)
  • 27012015
    Created new Menu under +g Driver for setups…
    Now setups Can be uploaded directly to site,- use FileNames like this.: “Track.Author.LapTime/Description.STO”
    It is best if everybody uses same FileName rule..
  • 21012015
    Rebuild site after crash
    Added standard daily backup (snapshot)
    Added embed links to iRacing.com and iRacing SCA forums
    Temporarily removed internal forums
  • 10012015
    Added basic POLL capability,- but still WIPr
  • 16012015
    Added HowTo page for Posting new article, and new event.
    Changed user rights so that all registered users can now PUBLISH posts and events
  • 14012015
    Moved video’s to own Menu
    Added some basic Teamspeak integration, with possibility to log on TS from sidebar
    Cleaned up some of the core code, removed stuff that was no longer used…
  • 13012015
    Removed “eMail to user on reg. Not so good to send psw’s clear text. 😉 sorry,- and thx to Marton for seeing that…
    Finished calendar functionality,- everybody now able to add events,- howto page will come..
    Changed the way usernames are presented anywhere on the site,- it is now “FirstName_LastName”,- this way users are easier recognized by others..
  • 11012015
    Added some basic event calendar capabilities
    Eventlist in left sidebar, two weeks ahead.
    Complete calendar at iRSca Events/Eventcalendar
  • 09012015
    Changed the login procedure because some users could not log in, should be OK now..
    Added Lists for Recent Forum Topics/Reply’s in left sidebar
  • 08012015
    Finished video archive functionality. Only ADD user-button missing
    Cleaned up our appearance on FB, Twitter and YouTube/Google+
    Added new forum, General discussion
  • 07012015
    Added simple forum capability
    Added private user group capability
    Created private forum for CSL organizers (Organizers only)
    Created open forum for CSL Driver discussions (reg users only)
  • 06012015
    Added some videos HERE
    Added version History link
    Some style/font work on Pages and Posts
  • 05012015 – LAUNCH OFF SITE TO iRacing.com
    Added new menus, pages and Suggestion Forum before Launch
    Added service for Google and other search engines to increase traffic